Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Failures at its finest

The most painful part in life is when someone encounters misfortunes, failures, goals in life that were not achieved, and so many circumstances that affect our ability to share a genuine smile to someone. I would like to share my simple outlook about FAILURES. When I say, I failed on something I refer to a circumstance where I want something to happen, I want something to achieve but it really did not happen. Failure to me is something that makes my heart very sad to the point of breaking it and cry. Every time I failed I cry, and I have cried a lot of times already because of failures may it be in my career, family, relationship, work, and others.

Crying isn't bad at all. It helps me relieve the pain I have in my heart. It helps me accept the fact that I have failed. Crying is not just the cure, talking to friends and finding someone to listen to you also helps a lot. After I have poured out everything through tears, I'll try to get back on track, look back to where I have stopped and then identify what are the factors why it failed. Then, if it is worth fixing I'll try to fix it applying a different way but if it is not already worth fixing I'll take it as a lesson and then possibly go to other direction.

Motivation is the key. You need something that will motivate you to move forward again. Sometimes, you will not be able to find it yourself but someone can find it or give it to you. Seek for it.

Loving you,



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