Friday, March 25, 2016

Me and my Lenten Reflection

I grew up being close to my Nanay (Lola) . I really love my Nanay to the point that everything she says I follow. I really look up her. I remember when I was just a grade-schooler she would tell me

 "day, dili ka mag spaghetti strap ug suot hah", 
"day pag mag byahe ka dapat mag jacket jud ka", 
" day ayaw ka mag suot ug shorts na dili mutaas sa tuhod hah"

and so many things including the so many "pamahiins". I followed her because I love her so much. I listened to her because she is my Nanay and I know she knows what's best for me. Yeah! so that is why when I was in highschool I was a "boyish" type of a girl. In college, I was the "demure" type and today... I am the conservative type (eh?)

She passed away the day after my birthday and that was one of the saddest part of my life. The person I love just left me and is already gone. 

Remembering this, and reflecting on this...I realize I am the kind of person who would listen to someone I cherish the most. I am the kind of person who would value someone so much to the point of imitating him or her. I am the kind of person who would remember a person I love 'til the end of my life. 

And today, as I remember how Jesus died on the cross... how Jesus died for my sins... and how Jesus suffered just to save me... I tend to ask myself.. have I been living this life into the image and likeness of Christ? my Jesus Christ who have sacrificed His life for me? am I worthy of HIS life? I know I love Him but have I been listening to him? Have I been following him? Who am I to just simply recall His death and not live according to His word... ?

as I was again reflecting on this and recalled my life one year ago when I had my "way of the cross" year 2015... I thank Jesus for what He has done. I thank the Father for His forgiveness... that even though I am a sinner... I know I am already saved through Jesus.



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