Saturday, January 18, 2014

One last Good deed for 2013

Last December 21, 2013... the UIC-ITE Program had their community service. A service to the community... awesome right??!! 💪,  and luckily I was assigned to be a part of a group who will clean up some Estero. We arrived at the area around 8 in the morning and started to walk at the assigned area for about 3 – 5 minutes.

Well, under the heat of the rising sun 🌞🌅, together with my ever dynamic and energetic co-faculties Sir Flores,Sir Benablo and Sir Pitlo with some “langas” and “kiat” but “kugihan” ITE students I had a very memorable moment. To my surprise, the supposed to be Estero cleanup; turned out to be a coastal cleanup. But its okay that’s no big deal ... ^_^

It was a very tiresome but happy experience for me.

I think that was the last MAJOR good deed I did for my countrymen for the year 2013.

So, chow for now dearest readers... enjoy some of these photos. ..

PS: OH by the way!!!.. credits to the owner of the photos :)



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