Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just Anyhow

What a one whole day to be here in CDO... I started my day so early to prepare myself for the seminar... I was so excited since I was expecting a lot of information to process today.. hehehe.. and I was not wrong about it... 

Well a seminar about plagiarism or plagiarism itself is nothing new to me... been hearing it (plagiarism) since high school i think... but when i was in the seminar.. there was something in me that was renewed... it was like i said to myself “ I need this” hahahaha... it was a wake up call for me since being an educator I am always telling my students different kind of information that was cited from diffrenet kinds of media (books, webpages and even opinion of others) without even properly citing the author.. (shameful) 

I am quiet amazed to see a lot of known names in the field of research in the seminar... now im hesitant if unknowingly i am plagiarizing some text in this post... hehe.. to share my learnings for today i would like to mention this... 

I had learned that even if you were able to paraphrase the sentence of the original author as long as the thought is still there.. IT IS STILL A FORM OF PLAGIARISM!!!!.. 

Well i am planning to write a more detailed report on what had happen to me here in the National Conference on Plagiarism but im afraid its time for me to sleep to welcome my second day here in Cagayan tomorrow.. so bye for now...

By the way.. i almost forget.. the TECHIE THING software called GRAMMARLY and TURNITIN... were so COOOOLLLL.. i mean (*** 0_0 ****)



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