Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

Hi dear readers… its been a long time since the last time I posted something here… For the year 2013.. this is my first post.. hehehe…

I have been very busy for the past few months.. career pathing.. decision making and a lot more activities.. Last night I was reading a book authored by a Filipino writer but was written in English. The book was all about being Moral. It tackles about many different aspects of ethics and morality. I was curious when he asks “ why do people strive to become moral?” Is it because people believe that there is God above who will punish us if we become not morally upright? “What if there is no God? Should we be not become moral at all?” an atheist exclaimed. 

Well, in my humble opinion… the reason of my existence is because I believe I need to do something in here (in this planet ^_^). I must say I highly believe that GOD created me and that GOD have been guiding me all this time. My parents have been the vessel of my creation… GOD had wanted me to realize all of this things.. and that GOD is the only and will only be the author of my life.. I am just the actress of HIS novel.. and I believe that in the story of my Life I AM THE LEAD PERFORMER… Imagine??? How many life stories God has been creating and continually writing for all of this time… my story, your story and every one of us stories… 

I may have had downs… and I’m so glad I never have been in those down moments for a very long time… I learned how to stand and stand again every time I fall… You know what makes me stand all over again????  MY DREAMS…. No not dreams at all… my aspirations… I have so many aspirations in life… and no one can stop me from fulfilling those aspirations.. I may pause for a moment but I will never stop…

2013 is another year for me to walk into the path for which the Lord wanted me to follow. This year is another interesting year that will let me experience the love of the Lord. I might be encountering another challenge but I am pretty much sure, with the love of my friends, family and everybody who loves me, I can be the woman and the person whom everyone can be proud of. 

I just hope and pray that my quest for satisfaction will also inspire others (especially my students) to also strive and reach for their dreams. 

And my quest starts now ...Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013.



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