Thursday, December 1, 2011

Max3Char Date Compression Algorithm

Ms. Kristine Mae M. Adlaon
Mr. Ronie Q Biloy

This research study was conducted with the general objective of compressing the date value that is typically entered by the user to the database in a maximum of 3 characters and a minimum of 1 character. The algorithm for the said compression has been applied and tested using the Java Programming Language.
The study came to realize when the researchers observed that the date field of a specific database system had bloated or increase in size massively. The researchers then conceptualize the idea that even the date alone when stored in the database will consume a lot of space.
Realizing the scenario stated above, the researchers then developed an algorithm that will compressed the date value with a format of month-day-year into maximum of three characters and minimum of one character when stored in the database.
The algorithm that has been applied on the said study has proven that it is really possible to store a date value into a maximum of 3 characters and there are also specific dates that can be stored into two characters and even some dates that can be stored into one character.

Database performance strongly depends on the amount of available memory, be it as I/O buffers or as work space for query processing algorithms. Therefore, it seems logical to try to use all available memory as effectively as possible — in other words, to keep and manipulate data in memory in compressed form. This requires, of course, that the query processing algorithms can operate on compressed data.
The researchers had observed that almost all transactions may it be manually operated or automated involves dates. Date alone can consume a lot of space in the database if stored and use constantly. Therefore, the researchers had focused their study on the compression of these date formats into maximum of 3 characters when stored into the database.

Objectives of the Study
The main objective of this study is to create and or formulate an algorithm that could compress a date format when stored to a database into a maximum of three (3) characters and minimum of one (1) character. Specifically this study would aim to;
1.      determine what would be the encryption algorithm that will best suit in this kind of research study
a.      Symmetric Encryption Algorithm
b.      Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm
2.     Apply a new formulated algorithm into a very simple program using the Input-Process-Output Model
3.      use the concept of encryption-decryption in compression of an input data
4.      contribute a new knowledge in the field of computing study
5.      present a solution to some of the most common problem in database management which is database overloading

Significance of the Study
The results of the study will provide useful information in various fields of study and particular individuals.
            1. Mathematics
As the formulation and implementation of such encryption algorithms may involve simple to complicated mathematical operations; therefore it would contribute knowledge to the field of mathematics.
2.  Computing Science
As mentioned in the above significant field, the algorithms that were formulated are implemented and applied through the use of computing machines; programming language specifically JAVA this would basically contribute and impart new learnings in the field of Computing Science.
3. The End Users
As the researcher have identified several applications that his study might be of big help the researcher could then therefore say that end users could benefit in the outcome of this study, specifically:
·         Financial and Accounting field (Payroll)
·         Food Industry
·         Academics (Enrollment , Grade Computation, Record Keeping)
·         Human Resource Office (Daily Time record)
·         Medical Field
·         and any other system that would involve the storage and retrieval of dates
4. The Researchers
The research study would be of big help to the researchers since it would give the researchers more knowledge regarding ciphering of text and develop the analytical, psychological and mental abilities of the researchers.

Input – Process – Output Model



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