Thursday, July 21, 2011

Civil Service Exam 2011 --- I PASSED!

Exactly a month ago, May 22, 2011 I can still remember that I woke up very early in the morning to have a slight review about my past knowledge in MATH, English and some general knowledge. Wheew, I was not prepared for the CIVIL SERVICE EXAM honestly because of some works during summer time. But then I still have the guts and courage to take the exam, with me are my past learning’s and faith to GOD hoping that I can really make it.

I came to the examination area almost 10 minutes before the time but its ok since I have already an allotted seat number. During the examination proper I was not able to bring with me a watch and because of that I am not fully aware of what is the time. When the proctor of the exam that 30 minutes and they will already collect the paper I was really in the hurry that time. Gladly that the last portion of the exam was the easiest part.

The exam was not that easy, I must say but still I was really hoping that I will get the PASSED mark...

 And it was this Wednesday (July 20, 2011) that I got this messages from a friend of mine congratulating me for passing the exam. Well, the first thing I did was really to thank God for another blessing that He had showered upon me and will always be thankful.

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