Wednesday, February 23, 2011

13th PSITE National Convention

Last February 16-19 2011, I attended the 13th PSITE National Convention which was held at Antipolo City. The said convention gave way to different IT educators to meet with each other and witness different developments that would help IT programs. Listed below are some of our objectives in attending the said convention:

1. IT Journal
Acquire the IT Journal (2011 release) as part of our compliance to the CHED-RQAT recommendation in renewal of our second year BSIT permit.
2. Partnership
Establish partnership with different software companies.
• Adobe
• Nokia
3. Education
Improve the quality of education and improve the skills of our students by becoming a member of:
• DevConn (Developers Connect)
• PSITS (Philippine Society of IT students)
• JEDI (Java Education and Development Initiative)

With the objectives stated above the following were accomplished:
IT Journal
A copy of the IT journal was obtained. Attach in this letter is a copy of the cover page of the journal.
• Adobe helps educators prepare students for success by giving them the skills they need to express and share ideas and information in compelling and engaging ways. Adobe collaborates with educators and industry partners to deliver comprehensive software, curriculum, support, certification options and professional development.
• Adobe solutions aims to inspire students and educators to go beyond traditional approaches to learning and help students achieve the critical collaboration, creative and communication skills needed to compete in today’s global workforce.
With this, being a partner of PSITE; Adobe offers it’s LOWEST price for license. Only institutions that are actively member of PSITE are given this “Master Collection” pricing.

Nokia phone company develop another feature for its phone line that will enable IT students who are into mobile programming to establish their work and run it on cellular phones.

Through different activities, he PSITE organized or initiated different events that would somehow help build our students skills in IT. One of which is this what we called as DevConn or Developers Connect where different IT students in the region are engage to collaborate with each other n terms of Lightning talks, Birds of a feather, and hackathon.

The said convention also tackles and presented many different topics that enables different faculties from different region to even more intensify their teaching strategies with regards to Information Technology and it had open so many doors for new opportunities and ideas to be shared to our students.
In connection to the said reports, there will be an upcoming “IT Olympiad and Research Forum” this coming February 26, 2011 which I am requesting from your good office that we should attend and participate.
Also, a Developers Connect will soon be conducted sometime in March and as the Program Chair I already committed our school to participate this kind of endeavors and that our students will actively participate on this matter.



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