Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Teaching Experience

Currently, I am doing a voluntary teaching service to Davao ERC (Employment and Resource Center) every Saturday. The company offers free basic computer literacy training and as a part of our (Kate Dizon and I) On the Job Training Tasks we were requested to facilitate this program. Though our 240 hours time frame for the training has already been long done, I voluntarily continue what we had started. And as of now, I am quite enjoying what I am doing.

The lesson tackles basic MS applications; MS word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. The very reason why I volunteered myself is that; I love teaching, though sometimes my voice doesn’t cooperate. Hehehe… I love to mingle and know other people and share whatever knowledge I have with regards to the topic I mentioned earlier. Second reason is that, this project is a very good training ground for me also since after graduation (which will hopefully happen next year),I am planning to teach to a university and take my masters degree. I know this experience will surely help me a lot.

As of now, we are on the second batch and so far it seems that I have fulfilled their expectations and I am receiving compliments from them. My students are of diverse age, some are teens, some are on their 30’s to 50’s, the oldest student so far was 60 years of age. Some are quite good already during their hands on exercises but most of them are really still starting from the beginning that they even don’t know how to use the mouse or control it.

From this experience I learned that; it is really no too late for everything as long as you have the willingness and eagerness to learn. I even have group of students who are currently teaching an elementary school in Agdao and I was inspired by them, though they are already teachers they are not ashamed to tell the class that they really don’t know how to use computers, that they are afraid that if ever they will hold the mouse or touch the keyboard they might delete some important data. And I am very happy, that right now, so far, I already wipe that hesitancy in their minds and as a techno advocate, I believe that it is my responsibility and must have to be my priority to promote an information society in which the very first step is to educate people how to become a part of the IT society.



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