Saturday, July 11, 2009

COMDDAP - Exhibit

I came, I saw, I won!
I Came…
It was around 11 am when my friends and I arrived at the vicinity of Apo View Hotel. Upon arriving at the said Hotel, we really don’t have any idea on what and why are we there, all we know is just we are attending an exhibit and a seminar which is a very rare occasion that is conducted by the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines (COMDDAP) . Along the way to the entrance, we bump into bunch of students from others schools like the Interface College and ADDU students and many more. We notice that attach to their uniforms are like badge for the COMDDAP visitors. As we step on the floor of the Hotel, we filled up a Registration Form which then later we discovered that it wasn’t that necessary to fill it up (hehehe).
I Saw…
Upon entering the Exhibit area, I was really amazed with the many different displays on the area. I could not name all the products but I’ll try to name few of them… Canon, Symantec Anti- Virus, NGEnius IT Hub, MCAfee Anti-virus, Open Suse Linux software, Kasperskey Anti-virus, adobe software applications, auto-cad software application, there were also other display of flat screen television, laptops , digital cameras and many other products. When I saw the products displayed on that Hall, Wow! I can’t help to tell myself, how I wish I have the money to buy even one single product on that exhibit. All products have discounts at that time… We even have the chance to get some of the Freebies…

As we were like touring around and roaming around we saw some models (beautiful ladies) of each product, well, I guess having those beautiful ladies standing in front would really attract customers (Well, I think it’s a very effective way of promoting one product). Then there were these students, usually boys who really can’t get hold on to their selves and were like “crazy” bunch of tekkie guys who have not seen a lady for a decade… hahaha.. how rude of me… but, they were like shouting, then laughing out loud as they took picture of the model, I just feel a little bit sympathy to the girl…. She was just like forced to smile… hehehe… as For my observation!!
Well, as we go along with our “tour”, we stop at Open suse Linux Software booth. Then, of course we all know that Open suse Operating System is an Open Source Software and that would mean it is free or more or less 80% cheaper compared to the Proprietary one. But, we were like wondering why it is sold for an amount of more or less P2000? Why need to buy, when we can just download it on the web for free? Of course we ask the person in-charge of that booth. Then he answered, that the most significant advantage if you will buy the software is that you will get full assistance from their company or from Linux Open Suse itself, you will be informed immediately with the latest updates and releases if you will buy the software, but the service would only cover the warranty period of the product. So… we were like… “AHHHHHH… okay!”, but on the corner of my mind… I was thinking I would still prefer to just download the software… hehehehe….. the way I am used to… (toinkz!)
I won…
It was around 1:00 pm when we entered the Vanda Room, the seminar will be conducted on that room.
So! Honestly, we really don’t know what will be the topic for that seminar then we saw these tarpaulin of ERIC Dealer Management System… hmmm… our faces were full of questions… “what is that??”, then as the speaker started to “Preach”, I was like, “oh! We must have entered the wrong room,” but as he go along with the discussion I was amazed with how the system runs… it is developed by the Jupiter Sytems Incorporated (JSI). JSI is an expert in software development, business process consulting, e- business enablement, specializing in ERP for manufacturing, automotive dealership and distribution companies.

JSI’s world class creation is Enterprise Resource Information and Control System (ERIC). It is an integrated financial, distribution, manufacturing, and personnel software application. First released in 1985, ERIC has extended its reach to include Palm S, and web based applications, enhancing its mobility from the workplace to the internet and on the road.

The implementation methodology for ERIC developed by JSI ensures efficient implementation of ERP applications that take into consideration business process, users, and software functionality. Using this methodology, JSI’s Consulting and Client Services (CCS) Team Completes project right on schedules.

HP Thin Client
After the discussion of the ERIC DMS we were introduced with a product called the Hp Thin Client… the product was great though I know it is not very much applicable for us since the product is much suitable for business enterprise that uses or caters one or two applications. For us students of course… we are using number of applications in our computers.

I won one of the prizes given to the Q & A portion. There were I think five 2GB usb, one 8GB usb and one Optical Mouse that was given away… I did not expect that I will get the optical mouse but lucj just come into me… I can’t remember anymore what was the question but the answer was as simple as “All Of the Above.”



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