Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lessons from Downfalls

Way back three or four months ago, when Mrs. Rogers has been replaced by Mr. Gamboa as our instructor in the subject Systems Analysis and Design 1, I knew already that I will experience another difficult chapter of my life (doomsday!!!). The orientation was quite short and the lecture time took us only one day to finish the whole reference book, amazing isn’t it? But then, I wasn’t so surprise by this kind of teaching method of Mr. RSG… what shocked me the most was the major paper outline given to us to accomplish or to submit with in the span of only three months… looking and thinking of that outline before gives me a super duper headache.

After almost over two months of constructing our major paper, I am so happy to see the development of the different areas of my life. The face to face consultations with Mr. RSG is the most exciting and breathe taking part of this, but this is the part where I learned so much, not just by making or constructing a SAD research paper but the face to face consultation is molding us to become a great soon-to-be Systems Analyst. I realized that, personal experience and real life downfalls are very good factors for us to learn on how to become a good Systems Analyst.

Another part of me that was developed with this activity is my ability to collaborate and cooperate with the team. Mostly, in all the things I do, I love to do it on my own, I don’t want others meddling with my work same is true that I don’t want to blame anybody for my failure. But with this activity (SAD proposal submission/consultation), I learned how important it is to work with the team, how workloads are lessen when you have your teammates, how comforting it is to know that you have teammates who believes in you and trust you as a leader, and you have your teammates with you who will fight ‘till the end of the battle.

Honestly, though sometimes we have been into small fights, I am so happy knowing that we are one in this project;

We think as one.
We work as one.
We fight as one.


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