Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Group Collaboration

February 16, 2009 we had a group discussion about the proposed integrated system that will be collaborated by seven subsystems with the parent system the so-called USEP site map system.

Here listed below are the eight systems that will be integrated:
(Systems rolled into one)

• Campus site map system
- This system will look like a panorama of the university with additional feature of a daily time record of the USEP students.

• freeExpress system
- This system will involve any literary documents, concerns, announcements. It serves like an online freedom board of the USEP students

• instructor’s Scheduler
- this system will be a schedule tracker of all the USEP instructors

• Scholarship renewal
- This system will involve an online scholarship renewal of all the scholars here in the university

• Service online system
- This is our proposed system. This concerns all students service providers here in the university. But this system is delimited only on tutorial services.

• Usep alumnay system
- This tracks all the graduate students of the university by batch.

• Usep organization (academic)
- This will involve all the academic organizations here in the university.

• Usep organization (non-academic)
- This will involve all the non-academic organizations here in the university.

During the meeting, there were problems that were raised by each other’s group by which only known during the meeting. The feasibility of the project as an integrated system is of high risk. Considering our knowledge on web based applications, the time frame to develop the integrated system and of course the cost of implementation somehow makes this project “vain”.

I do not know the possibilities that will happen in the future, but I’m quite sure that if we (all the proponents) are very determined to be a part of this project, then we could make this project feasible given the span of time, but we are not promising that we could finish the project as what our instructor, maybe, had expected it to be. We hope for our instructors’ kind consideration and understanding whatever we could accomplish.


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