Friday, September 17, 2010

Data Gathering Techniques

It has been identified that there are four data gathering techniques in Systems analyzing, those are interviewing, document review, observation and the use of questionnaire. Now, if I have to consider my personality type, it would be not easy for me to identify the best technique that I would be very comfortable to use if I am to do systems analyzing.

My Personality type

I don’t like to talk much. I love listening instead. (Interviewing)

I don’t like much mingling with people but instead I love observing diverse humanity. (Observation)

I don’t like to study but I definitely very fond of reading. Reading something makes me feel I’m human. Information is what I love the most. (Document review)

I love to write down queries boggling my mind. (Questionnaire)


1. Interviewing (most comfortable!)
Considering my personality, I really don’t like to talk so much. I feel very tired of talking; it’s as if taking my breath away whenever I talk for a long time (honest!), but whenever I am task to talk for a period of time, I give my full 100% energy to it (for example in reporting). But on the contrary I really love to listen sensible talks. Whenever I am interested on someone’s idea I give my whole attention to him or her.

In data gathering, I’m pretty much comfortable on interviewing someone for the sake of gathering information because I think if you have the chance to talk to a person face to face you can have the most relevant answer and in interview technique I think you can get more information.

2. Observation (comfortable!)
I am the type of person who would rather choose to be a flower on the wall rather than to dance on a ball. Yes. I mostly stay away from crowd. It whirls my mind whenever I bump into bunch of people. But on the contrary of it, I love to observe people. I love to watch different kinds of human beings doing something, observing what they are doing and criticize them on my mind. (Hahaha… so whenever you caught me staring at you, beware I have something in my mind you would probably be interested to know)

3. Document review (I could give a try!)
I love reading. In reading related and important documents, I can gain relevant information.
4. Questionnaire (my last preference!)
I love jotting down queries every time it pops up my mind and later look some answers for it.

So, basically base on the above ranking I don’t prefer only one data gathering technique, and also I have my likes and dislikes for the individual techniques. That is why I could say all of the techniques are quite very important in data gathering.


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