Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boon or Bane?

Several months have passed already, since the day that two important sharers of knowledge bid their goodbyes two us, our SAD1 and SE1 instructor, now we are already on our SAD2 and SE2 subjects (fortunately) and are still coping up with the environment. I was really, really sad at that time (after knowing the news that Sir Cagape and Maam Tammy will be assigned to develop a new enrollment system for the university by the university administration) since I love both of them and that would mean they have to give up the subjects they are handling to focus on the new enrollment system development. I really admire them and was already accustomed with the way they are teaching especially Sir Cagape who have been our database instructor since I came here in the university.

Sir Cagape is really, really great in database management, no question about it and I know no one will object on that fact… and that his experiences on the area even boost up his skills and that made him an outstanding database administrator. We, his students have proven how good he is in teaching and the knowledge that he imparted to us was really remarkable. The most significant phrase that he told us that I will never ever forget and will continue to inculcate in my mind is that we future Software Engineers are a lot better and has a job more challenging compared to a professional doctors. Why? Because them, the doctors of today, is studying what the doctors of the past have been studying already, they are studying and developing cures and vaccine on viruses that attacks human beings that occurs once a year or even once every five years only. But we, Software Engineers and future Software Engineers are studying and developing an anti-virus for viruses that keeps on coming out almost every month and worst of it almost every other week. And also that, we can’t deny the fact that technology is vastly changing today, from operating systems and devices that people are using are the products of the unending study of the technocrats. After hearing this, my enthusiasm was uplift and that I was really inspired and was even more determined to do well on my studies.

With regards to Maam Tammy, hmmm… since before, during the early days of my residence here in the university I kept on hearing about a very scary teacher but who is really, really great and does not hesitate on failing her students… what was her name? She is non-other than Ms. Rogers or popularly called as Maam Tammy (now Mrs. Mercado). But then on my second year in the university I heard that Maam Tammy went to Korea to continue her studies … and that was just so frustrating since it simply means that I will don’t have the chance anymore to be handled by this teacher anymore, the chance of learning things from her just turned in vain. But on the second semester of last school year, I was just so glad that she came back to the university and handled one of the subjects I happened to enroll, and that is Systems Analysis and Design. At first of course, it was a very strange feeling since it was the first time I saw her face and heard her talk in front of us. I really don’t know what to expect from her and even don’t know how she would handle the class. On the first few days of meeting with her, I find her very great and I can see the intelligence in her even though she is kind ‘a “snob”, but that’s okay, it just fits with her personality. I was one of the first lucky reporters on that subject and was really happy because she praised me with the way I presented the topic that was given to me… I will never forget that moment… it was her, not directly her but the book reference she gave to us was the medium that awakens my desire to become a successful Systems Analyst someday. I read the book she gave to us and I was very enlightened with the facts and contents of the book.
Now, I wouldn’t wonder why the university decides to tapped in-house resources. We have such great skilled developers inside the university and I am very proud to say that I belong to the college where they are teaching. Also, I would never wonder why Institute of Computing is a highly profiled college in the university and students are considered the intellectual giants, it reflects on how remarkable the faculties are. Going back to the main issue, why would the university tapped in house resources? First, As what I have been saying since before, I am really in favored with in-housing especially if I could see lots of potential resources inside. Second, as far as my knowledge is concerned with this issue, the university before is paying P75,000 a month to a third party company, for an enrollment system that was used before. Seventy five thousand is a lot of money, it would mean to say that before the university is spending or paying an amount of nine hundred thousand a year for the old enrollment system, the amount of money is not a joke.

Did they (university) made the right decision? My answer would be, it depends on who would benefit… I think Yes! They made a right decision because they had saved a big amount of money, now, pretty much sure, they will not spend almost a million every year for the enrollment system. The question would be… the amount of money that they spend before, where will it go? Will they use it for developing the university? Will they buy new equipments for our laboratory? Will they spend money to fix the windows in our laboratory? Or will they just use it for the good of their selves? Those questions keep boggling my mind…hmmm…. Now, For the students, I think the decision to tapped in house is no good. Why? I could not see a very good result on losing two great teachers. I could not stand the fact that they are working inside an office maintaining and monitoring the system, if only they are sharing their knowledge to us, we could have learned a lot from them (sound selfish... right?). Losing them gave burdened to the other faculties since they were forced to handle the subjects that were given to them, maybe yes or maybe no, the faculties who took over their positions were halfhearted to accept the said subjects who were formerly handled by the two tapped-in employees. Well, having a great teacher in our SAD2 today is not bad; I know he is an experience teacher with regards to systems analysis, his knowledge about the said area is beyond reach… but for our SE2, I would admit that there is this certain pain in me that because of the new project of Sir Cagape in the university, he has to give up the subject and locked himself into the office… im not trying to imply that our new instructor in SE2 is not deserving to handle the subject, but then we have to accept the fact that if we talk about experience, Sir Cagape is far more experienced. I don’t know but it really bothered me that an experience Software Engineer instructor has been taken away from us… (hehehehe… I’m just stating what’s inside my mind right now while writing this….)

Now, for a student perspective… I am looking for the brighter side of the event now, we have Sir Gamboa and Sir Fortich to take over the throne….



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