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Friday, May 29, 2009

Career Workshop Training

It was really a very unforgettable experience that I had just finished a 2-day career workshop at LDS Employment Resource Services that was conducted last May 25-26 2009. I learned a lot of things about the real world of career exploration and the experience was very helpful in me that it boost up my confidence in facing the world outside the university.

The very goal of the career workshop is to help individuals develop the skills that they need to achieve their career objectives. The workshop was divided into four modules:

This unit helps us evaluate our talents, interests, and values; set goals; and develop a plan to achieve those goals. This individual plan can include goals for employment, education or self-employment.

This unit helps us learn how to identify and develop the resources we need to reach our goals. It teaches us how to find employment leads, educational and self-employment funding, and other community services.

This unit helps us learn how to communicate with the resources we identified. It teaches us to make powerful impressions in interviews and present ourselves well in writing.


This unit teaches us how to negotiate, grow in your position, and advance in your career.


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